Girişimciliğe Nasıl Başlamalı?

How to Start Entrepreneurship?

August 08, 2022

Although entrepreneurship is a popular term recently, entrepreneurship is actually a new expression of the fact that "the people of Kayseri lead smart children to trade and educate other children".

If you are not from Kayseri, we do not have a sentence that you will not be an entrepreneur. :)

But we can consider the concepts of intelligence and reason. Intelligence is an innate state. But the mind is the processing of the intelligence. Maybe we are not smart kids from Kayseri; but we can do smart things by processing the intelligence we have. Just as we say smartphone or artificial intelligence to express computer technologies, the mind is the processing of our intelligence.

Let's come to the harmony of mind and entrepreneurship... You may have seen that many people talk about their entrepreneurship in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Each enterprise actually refers to the work created by the processing of intelligence and becoming smart. Many times we witness unsuccessful entrepreneurs succeed by making the right (smart) initiatives later on.

With this aspect of entrepreneurship, I have done it once or not with the aspect I will do; It is an action that is repeated many times or is the result of intelligent work by processing intelligence many times.

The parent company of the investor of the first company I worked for was doing e-invoice and e-ledger conversion business. However, before this job, I saw that the bosses worked on many e-journals, e-books, e-books, and I don't know what kind of work to do, and most recently, he was successful in the invoice conversion business.

Again, with the information I gained from different channels, I saw that many entrepreneurs actually tried the business many times and continued to work in harmony with the nature of entrepreneurship, and in these studies, the student transferred each job to the next job in a smart way.

Then 'How to Start Entrepreneurship?' Back to the question. Entrepreneurship is in the form of "do it and see the result" rather than an action-result relationship like "let's do it as a single bullet, or I will do it"; Therefore, I must state that entrepreneur candidates should not wait to implement an initiative they fearlessly believe in.

If you are an entrepreneur candidate; "Where should I start?" if you're asking. For this job, you should come to us and start your mobile venture.

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